The MCS, or Motor Controller System includes all aspects of the motor and controller that will be powered by the battery pack. This sub-system includes a 3-phase AC induction motor, a controller, and a power supply and dynamometer for testing.

Motor Documentation
AC-50 Continuous Graph 96V
AC-50 Peak Graph 96V/650A
AC-50 Front-Back View
AC-50 Side View
AC-50 On-Road Vehicle Conversion Wiring Schematic

Controller Documentation
Curtis 1238R Motor Controller Spec Sheet

Dynamometer Documentation
HTH Literature
HT-1600 Literature

Power Supply Documentation
TS Series User Manual
TS Series Datasheet

Non-Budget Funding Request Video
Decision Matrix
Motor Proposal Presentation
Request Letter
MCS Bill Of Materials
Motor Test Plan
Non-Budget Funding Report
Motor Testing Safety Plan
Simulation Files

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