D003: Maintenance Manual

This page contains all the information necessary to maintain and understand the system from an engineering perspective.

System Specifications

Interface Control Document
System Configuration File Memo
Bill of Materials

Pack Assembly Instructions

Pack Assembly Videos

Mechanical Drawings

(For AutoCAD Inventor source files, refer to the Pack Mechanical subsystem page)

Assembly 1 (PDF)
Assembly 2 (PDF)
Assembly 3 (PDF)
Assembly 4 (PDF)
Assembly 5 (PDF)
Assembly 6 (PDF)
Assembly 7 (PDF)
Assembly 8 (PDF)

Electrical Specifications

Fusing FEV Compliance Memo
TSV AIR Compliance Memo
Current Path Resistance Measurements

Schematics (PDF)

(For DxDesigner source files, refer to the appropriate subsystem page)

Din Terminal Wiring Table
PacMan Schematic
AMS Schematic Rev 1.0

PCB Layout (PDF)

(For PADS Layout source files, refer to the appropriate subsystem page)

AMS PCB Layout Rev 1.0
PacMan BoB PCB Layout


2014 COMSOL Shunt Model
Battery Charging Algorithm Simulation Matlab Files


Compiling and External libraries
Backing up and Restoration
SOC Algorithm
Cell Balancing Algorithm
Logging and monitoring
Accessing PacMan
Software Maintainability Plan
Configuration File

PICkit3 Programming Manual
AMS command set – SeeĀ Interface Control Document

Manufacturer Documentation

Charger Manual
TS Wiki


Battery Pack Errata Memo
AMS Rev 1.0 Errata Memo
PacMan Software Errata Memo
PacMan BoB Errata Memo

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