D000: PDR
D001: CDR
D002: User’s Manual
D003: Final Report and Maintenance Manual
D004: Acceptance Test Plan
D005: Acceptance Test Report
D006: QA Audit
D010: Project Poster
D011: Calibration and Error Analysis
D012: Software Maintainability Plan
D013: Request for Non-Budget Funding
D014: EMI/EMC Analysis Memo
D015: Hazmat Analysis Memo
D016: LFEV-Y2-2014 Safety Plan
D017: Reliability Report
D018: Maintainability Report
D019: System Bill of Materials
D020: LFEV-Y1-2013 Subsystem Compliance Memo
D021: Accumulator Container FEV Compliance Memo
D022: GLV/HV Isolation FEV Compliance Memo
D023: TSV/AIR FEV Compliance Memo
D024: Fusing FEV Compliance Memo

Note: The 2014 D024: Fusing Memo does not address the updated current requirements as set forth in the 2014 motor simulation. The 2014 memo assumes the 2013 current profile. The 2013 memo is found here.

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