Pack Mechanical

The following is a ZIP file containing PDF mechanical drawings of all parts fabricated by the machine shop.

Individual Parts for Pack (zip)

A bill of materials for the parts purchased from vendors.

Pack Bill of Materials

A bill of materials for the parts fabricated by the machine shop

Machined Parts (PDF)

Pack Inventor Files

The Inventor files are too large to be hosted on this site. They are available on the delivered DVD. They may also be available on the ECE share drive, but there is no guarantee.

Current Shunt

The current shunt was modeled in COMSOL to estimate its resistance before fabrication.

2014 COMSOL Shunt Model

Pack Assembly Drawings

Assembly 1
Assembly 2
Assembly 3
Assembly 4
Assembly 5
Assembly 6
Assembly 7
Assembly 8

Pack Assembly Videos

Assembly 2:

Assembly 3: 

Assembly 4: 

Assembly 5: 

Assembly 6: 

Assembly 7: 

Assembly 7 (reverse side): 

Assembly 8: 

Detail B: 

Detail E: 

Detail F: 

Detail G: 

Detail H: 

Detail I: 

Detail J: 

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