System Design

This page and its sub-pages consist of all relevant documentation associated with the overall system design. Pages are sorted by sub-system as outlined below.


Pack Mechanical
Mechanical portion of the battery pack. This section includes a bill of materials and all mechanical drawings to show how it is assembled.

The AMS, or Accumulator Management System, is an integrated cell-monitoring system responsible for reporting cell parameters back to the PacMan, and for controlling the bypass circuit as part of cell balancing during pack charging.

The Pack Manager (PacMan) is responsible for monitoring and controlling pack-level parameters.

The Motor Controller System contains all information regarding the motor to be used in the LFEV. This includes simulation diagrams and additional documentation.

The Charger is an off-the-shelf, commercial power supply.

System Documentation

D002: User Manual
D004: Maintenance Manual Draft
D011: Calibration and Error Analysis
Interface Control Document

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