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The profiles of the 2017 LIME team of Lafayette students who will travel to Madagascar

Samuel McQuillen


Class: 2019

Major: Economics and International Affairs.

From: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Sam is from Hershey, Pennsylvania and is a member of the fencing team, various theater groups, and Arts Society at Lafayette college. While he has never been outside of North America, he’s excited for his first abroad experience to be with the LIME team!

Jean Donovan

Class: 2019

Major: Economics / Mathematics.

From: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Donovan is from Madagascar. He was part of LIME at “Lycee Andohalo” before he came to study at Lafayette. He just applied a year and a half ago, and now, he is very impatient to help the Malagasy students to apply to US-college.

Donovan likes computer programing and practicing sports in his free time. At Lafayette, Donovan is a member of the soccer club, and he plays intramural soccer tournament too.  He can also play various sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball… etc.  He is the vice president of FLIME (Friends of LIME), and is a member of ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) and the International student association.

Donovan is very excited to be a LIME mentor, and he is looking forward to meeting and working with his Malagasy friends. He is also eager to share with them his knowledge and his experience as a student at Lafayette.

Wassim Gharbi


Major: Computer Science

Second Major: Mathematics

From: Tunisia

Website: http://gharbi.me/


Coming from Tunisia, a country that employs a French educational system, Wassim understands the struggles that come with applying to a US college. He is a Computer Science and Math double-major of the class of 2019. He is interested in Convolutional Neural Networks and Human-Computer Interaction and is eager to teach and help students. Before coming to Lafayette, Wassim was part of the Competitive College Club at AMIDEast. At Lafayette, Wassim helps students by tutoring for Computer Science and through his position as a Resident Advisor for the Math, Science Engineering House.

Lysa Diarra


Major: Biology & Economics

From:Arlington, VA

Coming from Mali and growing up right outside a cultural hub like Washington, DC, Lysa always had an interest in sharing her culture and learning about others’. This interest also developed with a love for youth mentorship and education, from being involved in student initiatives with the Arlington County School Board and with her local community center.

At Lafayette, Lysa serves as a team leader and MOSAIC program coordinator where she plans and organizes weekly volunteering with teenagers at the Easton Area Community Center. She also serves as co-president of Grossman House for Global Perspectives, where students live and learn about global issues, traditions, and experiences from each other. Lysa also loves tennis, traveling, cooking, and music and is very excited to meet all the students!

Emily Keller-Coffey



Major: Environmental Studies, Women and Gender Studies

From: Millbrook, NY

Emily is studying Environmental Studies and Women and Gender Studies. On campus Emily enjoys her work with the environmental clubs, playing on the rugby team, working with the admissions and alumni offices, and hanging out with her friends. She has been very involved with the community outreach organization- volunteering at the senior center, county jail, and community center. She loves languages and studied French since middle school and Chinese in high school. Emily loves to travel and excited to meet and work with all of the wonderful students!

Joe Kenney


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Economics

From: Orono, Minnesota

I am originally from a small town in Minnesota. Something that has always inspired me is traveling and the chance to make a difference in the world. This is what drove me to start volunteering. In high school, I volunteered as an assistant coach of a special hockey team. At Lafayette, I volunteer weekly at Third Street Alliance in Easton as a STEM tutor and program coordinator. I also help out with many day service opportunities throughout the school year.

I love sports and I played hockey, soccer, and golf in high school. I am a 6-time intramural champion at Lafayette and hope to win the basketball championship in the upcoming weeks. I also referee intramurals at Lafayette.

I am very excited to be a LIME mentor because I am not only looking forward to teaching the students, but also learning about their culture and everyday life. I am also looking forward to making long lasting friendships with the students.

Christopher Burns


Major: Government and Law

Minor: Economics

From: Hebron, Maine

At Lafayette, Chris has worked with America Reads for 3 semesters, helping elementary students get through their math and reading homework. With both of Chris’s parents working in high school education, he has always recognized the importance of a strong high school base going into college. Other interests are politics, golfing, skiing, and the New England Patriots, best football team there is!

Alexander Homsi


Born and raised in Syria, where many children lost their education, Alex believes that education is a right for all people regardless of their gender, race, or circumstance. Over the summer, Alex volunteered as a teacher for Syrian refugee children and developed a passion for teaching and volunteering.

Alex loves to go on adventures and has backpacked through Europe this past summer. He is very passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and trying new foods. He is very excited to meet all of you and learn about your experiences in Madagascar.

At Lafayette, Alex enjoys being a resident advisor, an ECOrep, and an Arabic tutor. He is part of Lafayette Activities Forum and gets to plan events on a large scale for students of the Lafayette community.

Matthew Adusei


Major: Biology

Minor: Spanish

From: Kumasi, Ghana

Matthew is a Ghanaian currently majoring in Biology at Lafayette College. Though he shares the dream of a medical career, Matthew has always demonstrated a passion for teaching and helping students. Before coming to Lafayette, Matthew took a gap year during which he taught at an SAT Test Prep in his home city, helping students in preparing to ace the SAT and applying to US colleges.  Matthew is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the HHMI Sea-Phages program for the 2016/2017 academic year at Lafayette College, where he gets to help first year prospective Biology majors in isolating and sequencing phage DNA.
Matthew likes to play soccer and is a member of the Lafayette Men’s Club Soccer team. Matthew is very excited to be a LIME mentor, and is eager to work with the Malagasy students, and share with them his knowledge and experiences during his year and half as a student at Lafayette.

Aaron Gabay

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.13.02 AM

Name: Aaron Gabay

From: Easton, PA

Major: Engineering Studies/Psychology

Class of 2018

Although I live in close right next door to Lafayette, I still try and get involved on campus. I am part of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, the Outdoors Club and I even started the Spikeball Club on campus. I love to travel, but have not been to the continent of Africa yet, so I am excited to visit for the first time. Going for this great program makes the experience even more valuable to me!

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