Liantsoa is from Antananarivo, Madagascar. After participating in the 2017 LIME mentorship program, she was accepted to attend the African Leadership Academy (ALA), in South Africa and graduated in June 2020. While at ALA, she served as the Operations Director of her Student Enterprise and attended the school’s annual Model African Union conference as a delegate. She was admitted to the Class of 2024 at Franklin & Marshall College, in Pennsylvania, where she intends to pursue a joint major in Business, Organization & Society and Public Policy. She will study abroad in Bath, England at Advanced Studies in England (ASE) for the Fall 2020 semester. She aspires to nurture her interest in youth empowerment through Entrepreneurship and building social ventures. In her spare time, she enjoys  playing Volleyball and singing.



After graduating from lycée Andohalo Antananarivo in 2018, Rija got a fully-funded scholarship to African Leadership University in Rwanda through the mentoring she got from LIME program. She is majoring in International Business and trade and is a social and environmental activist. Her hobbies are basically anything related to art like drawing, painting, fashion design and recently she likes making terrariums.



Njaka started to participate in the LIME program in 2017. He lives in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. He finished high school in Andohalo in 2019. In 2020, he received a fully-funded scholarship in African Leadership University in Rwanda. He is part of the class of 2024.  Njaka plans to major in Entrepreneurship. He dreams to create an association to empower young Malagasy students to become leaders and support them to share their passions.  Njaka is a dedicated YouTuber and a Facebook comedian. He has about 30,000 followers on Facebook. He also likes to get involved in different activities such as mentoring kids, participating in an environmental protection program, and helping people in need through organizing crowdfunding donations.



Salohy started the LIME program when she was in 11th grade in Andohalo high school. She is a LIME 8. After her high school graduation on 2019, she committed her time to teach English to students from public middle and high school. She is an active member of the Sohihy Empowerment Initiative which is an organization founded by former LIME students. In 2020, Salohy received a full scholarship from the African Leadership University in Rwanda to be part of the class of 2024. She plans to major in International Business and Trading. After her graduation, she wants to work in that area from her home country. She is a dog person and loves to take care of them. One of her personal goals is also to save enough money to build a shelter for street dogs.



Cynthia is part of the LIME 8 generation. She is one of the youngest members of her generation. She received a scholarship from the African Leadership University in Rwanda to be part of the class of 2024. She is still undecided about her major. However, she knows that she wants to work as Education Minister in the future. She believes that education is key for the development of the country. In pursuit of that dream, she started to tutor middle school students to help them achieve a  better grade in class. She also volunteers for an association that helps children affected by food security. Their goal is to help these children to have enough nutrition for their development.



Miora Johnson, is part of LIME 3 generation. After high school, she dedicated herself to volunteering. She taught children from underprivileged backgrounds. In 2016, she was selected to participate in the Young African Leadership Initiative Camp in Botswana. 

When she returned  back to Madagascar, she started the Sohihy Empowerment Initiative Association  Madagascar. This organization started as a friend who wanted to make a difference by helping underprivileged children. Now, the organization has enlarged. It has 4 different sections :  Crony4kids, Go Green, Stand up Girls and Educated Mind. They focus on education, environment and women empowerment.

Currently, Miora is in Belgium. She participates in a cultural exchange and language training program. She wants to learn as much as she can to give back to her own country.