Lafayette LIME mentors and Malagasy LIME students at Lycée Andohalo Antananarivo during the 2022 LIME program.


Welcome to the LIME website! This website is dedicated to informing the general public about the LIME Program and its success as well as to seek support for the Malagasy LIME members who come from low socio-economic families and hope to further their college education in the United States. Thank you for your donations! 


LIME is a peer-to-peer mentoring program between Lafayette College students and high school students from Lycée Andohalo Antananarivo, one of the public high schools in Madagascar. The goal of LIME is to prepare the Malagasy LIME students for the process of applying to colleges in the United States. Each year, twelve Lafayette students are selected to participate in the program in which they work closely with the Malagasy LIME students to guide their steps in the college application process. The Lafayette LIME mentors formally commit to mentoring over a 1.5 year period which includes a three week trip to Madagascar in January.  The informal commitment is for a lifetime!

For more information about the program, please visit the LIME FAQs page.

Your donation is also greatly appreciated. Most of the Malagasy LIME students from Lycée Andohalo cannot afford the financial cost of studying at a higher institution like Lafayette College. Your donations might make a difference! With your donations, the Malagasy LIME students will be able to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test and the SAT test as well as to apply to colleges. In fact, they are motivated and brilliant students, but they often do not have the financial abilities to pay for these tests and for the applications. Whether your contribution is large or small, it will make the dream of Malagasy LIME students come true. They will be able to get a qualitative higher education with the future goal of making Madagascar a better home country.  To donate, please visit the donations page


Below are some highlights of current and former Malagasy LIME students who have had some experiences living in the United States. Some of the students are alumni from Lafayette College while others are still continuing their Education at Lafayette College. For more information about Malagasy LIME students with US experiences, visit the LIME students page on top of this page. 


Congratulations to recent graduate, Tafitasoaniaina Christiany Rakotozandry,  for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Tafita with international student adviser Janine Block ’94, who is like the second mother of the international students at Lafayette.


Congratulations to Mirana Randriamanantsoa for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Government & Law and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. 

Mirana received the David Bishop Skillman 1913 Library Prize in May 2021 which is awarded to a graduating senior library assistant who by his/her/their exemplary performance, skill and dedication has enhanced the library’s educational role.


Congratulations to Rindra Randriamanantena for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics & Economics with a minor in Music. 

Rindra with Prof. Stifel delivering a congratulations hat while social distancing during Covid in 2020.


Congratulations to Donovan Rasamoelison for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2019 with a degree in Economics. 

Donovan with Prof. Gordon, Rindra Randriamanantena (’20), Clara Randimbiarimanana (‘18), Prof. McMahon, Mirana Randriamanantsoa (‘21), Tafita Rakotozandry (’22), and Prof. Stifel.


Congratulations to Clara Randimbiarimanana for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2018 with a degree in in Anthropology & Sociology and International Affairs. 

Clara with Mirana (’21), Donovan (’19), Prof. Stifel, Rebeka (’16) and Rindra (’20).

Clara with former Lafayette College President Byerly.


Congratulations to Prisca Ratsimbazafy for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2017.
Prisca graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. 

Prisca(’17) with Rindra(’20), Clara(’18), Prof. Stifel, and Donovan (’19).


Congratulations to Rebeka Ramangamihanta, the first LIME student to attend college in the United States, for graduating from Lafayette College in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. As you can see from the image of the commencement program below, she graduated with many accolades.


Rebeka with Clara Randimbiarimanana ('18), Prof. Stifel, and Prisca Ratsimbazafy ('17).

From left to right. Rebeka with Clara Randimbiarimanana (’18), Prof. Stifel, and Prisca Ratsimbazafy (’17).


First few times in the US soil look like … a dream come true 🥳🥳! 

Eliso (’25) highly excited and proud to finally study in the United States, but specifically to become a Lafayette student.The picture was taken in August 2021.


Narindra (’23) posing in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia in September 2019.


Tafita (’22) and Donovan (’19). Donovan welcomed Tafita at JFK Airport New York in August 2018.


Tafita (’22) and Professor Stifel at JFK New York in August 2018. 


From left to right. Professor Averett, Donovan (’19), Rindra (’20), and Prisca (’17). Rindra arriving at JFK Airport in August 2017 with a big welcoming flier from Prof. Averett, Donovan , and Prisca. 


Alex Karapetian ’04, president of the Alumni Association, presents the students with the Class of 2019 banner.

Alex Karapetian ’04, president of the Alumni Association, presenting the Class of 2019 Lafayette students banner. Donovan (middle) was represented his class at the Convocation Ceremony. 


Clara (’18) arriving at JFK Airport in August 2014. She was welcomed by a big welcome flier from Prisca (right).



Prisca (’16) arriving at Newark Airport New Jersey in August 2013 with a welcoming flier from Rebeka (’15).


More information about the Malagasy LIME students can be found under the Malagasy LIME students tab on top of the page.