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The profiles of the 2017 LIME team of Lafayette students who will travel to Madagascar

Noureen Abdelrahman

Class: 2018
From: Cairo, Egypt.
Major: Chemical Engineering

I am born and raised in the big city of Cairo where I attended a British Catholic school for 14 years. In a school run by nuns, dancing, painting, knitting and languages were what life is all about. At the age of four, I had to learn two languages besides Arabic, my native language. Up until middle school, everything about school and its strict rules made me miserable except languages and dancing, those were the only two things I excelled in and loved. I took belly dancing classes since I was five and until high school. In high school I gave belly dancing classes and was an English literature tutor. In my sophomore year, I joined Education USA to start the track of studying in the US. My knowledge of the English language made things a little bit easier for me than others, so in senior year of high school, I started working in Education USA proofreading students’ college essays and translating their recommendation letters. At Lafayette, I was a member of the salsa dance team for two years. During my sophomore year, I was the president of the Muslim Students Association. Lafayette gave me the opportunity to continue the community service I started in high school by giving me the chance to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Easton and tutor Arabic on campus during my first two years.
I am so excited to extend my passion of learning and helping others learn to Madagascar and can’t wait to visit a different country and meet new people.

Karla Talley

Class: 2018

Major: Government and Law Major

Minor: English

From: Bowie, Maryland

Before attending Lafayette, Karla served as the only student board member on her county’s education coalition, which aimed to enhance the quality of education in the local area. She also served as a junior mentor for younger girls.

At Lafayette, Karla serves as an editor for the school’s social justice blog and also became a member of the Alternative School Break organization. Through this organization, Karla traveled to the state of Texas in the United States to work with students in middle and high school on their dreams to attend college. Her passion for mentorship and education is something that inspired her to apply to be a LIME student mentor. In addition, Karla loves reading, writing, and jamming to music! Karla is excited to meet all the amazing students and build a great connection!

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