Hey everyone!  My name is Stavros and I am from Easton, Pennsylvania, not very far from Lafayette’s campus at all.  I am pursuing a major in Biochemistry, and on campus I serve as a Resident Advisor, tour guide, and a Teaching Assistant for General Biology.  I also do research on an organometallic catalysis project in the chemistry department, in addition to being involved with some music ensembles.  LIME was an absolutely incredible experience, and I feel that the students at the Lycée Andohalo gave me much more than I could have ever given them.  The determination and joy that I witnessed every day while in Madagascar was unbelievable.  Madagascar is a stunningly beautiful country, but it is the passion that the students had that really will remain with me for the rest of my life.  I am happy to answer any questions or simply talk about the LIME program, and I can be contacted at kariofis@lafayette.edu.