Soil Conditions

What kind of soil do we have at the Lafayette farm?

Here is some information compiled from the US Dept of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service:

Soil Type:Washington silt loam “WaB”

Garden Location Climate:

  • Mean annual precipitation: 40 to 48 inches
  • Mean annual air temperature: 50 to 55 degrees F
  • Frost-free period: 160 to 190 days

Description of Washington Silt Loam Soil

  • Geology: Parent material composed of Colluvium derived from limestone and/or old glacial drift
  • Slope: 3 to 8 percent
  • Depth to restrictive feature: 60 to 99 inches to lithic bedrock
  • Drainage class: Well drained
  • Depth to water table: More than 80 inches
  • Available water capacity: High (about 10.2 inches)
For more information see the website where this info was derived:

Interpretation:  We are very lucky to have the space we do:  this soil type is described as “prime farmland” by the NRCS.  Well-drained, silty loam

Most recent soil test, analyzed by Penn State Extension:

Thanks to the Civil Engineering Department, this sample was taken and analyzed in October 2011.

Click here for PDF of Soil Test 2011 Results

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