Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Where do I park?

A: You may park on the grass out front of the farm, or next to the gravel road that enters the farm, so long as you do not block other cars.

Q: How can I get water?

A: Water spouts are located in several places around the garden.  Our rainwater collection system collects water off the maintenance shed near the parking area and is gravity-fed down to the garden.  There are water spouts located around the perimeter of the garden attached to the fence posts.  Please do not hook up a hose and use water conservatively.  Please use watering cans or buckets.  If you notice any issues with the water system, please notify the manager ASAP.

Q: Where can I get organic seed?
A: Three places the student garden has purchased from:

Q: Are we really “organic”?
A: We are not currently certified organic, but we personally abide by organic standards. Please follow organic practices including planting only organic seeds and plants, and using organic fertilizer, weed, and pest control practices. If you have a question about something, contact the manager.

Q: What sorts of restrictions are there about what I put in my garden plot?
A: We ask that you keep your plot maintained, you keep it organic, and you don’t interfere with any plots around you.  Therefore feel free to try trellises, tomato cages, raised beds, etc.

Q: Who can get a plot in the garden?
A: In order to get a plot in the community garden, you must be an affiliate of the college.  Therefore, you must be a Lafayette staff, administrator, faculty member, or student.   Sorry for the inconvenience!

Q: What does the community garden fee go towards?
A: This fee is used to maintain the garden including repairs and upkeep for garden infrastructure.

Q: How can I till/prepare my garden?
A: We have a community garden tiller available to all those participating in the program.  The tiller is located in the community garden shed, which is locked by the same key used for the parking area.  You will receive this key when you are assigned a plot.   The manager will give you a quick training on how to use the tiller before you are allowed to use it.

Q: Can I store tools at the garden instead of taking them back and forth?
A: Yes, you can store reasonable sized objects in the community garden shed.  Please write your name on the tools.  This shed is locked with the same key as needed for the parking area.

Q: Where is a good place to buy supplies such as tools, harvest baskets, organic compost or fertilizer, and other supplies for gardening?
A: The Northampton County Farm Bureau is nearby.  They generally have very good prices and a good selection of organic products.  If there’s something you need that they don’t stock, they can sometimes order other things for you.  And it’s great to support a local business!

Q: Who do I contact for additional questions or suggestions?
A: Your LaFarm Community Garden & Working Farm Manager can be contacted here:


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