Fall Farming and Thanksgiving!

Farming is a completely different world in the Fall. Instead of the odd jobs being the last thing we get to, almost everything we do is what we would do when we had extra time during the summer: spreading straw and wood chips, cleaning up the shed, organizing the tomato trellises, and all that sort of work.

Still, this Fall has been a very good time for getting LaFFCo fully operational. Every week we’ve had people come out to help, which has been fun as well as educational for everyone. I’ve certainly gotten plenty of experience working with new people who need a different amount of explanations for certain jobs, which has been super useful. Also the extra help has allowed us to have quite the set up for events leading up to Thanksgiving!

First of all, Sarah and some of us from LaFFCo are presenting at 1pm on Saturday for this year’s Our Beloved Community, which is a great opportunity for us to tell prospective students about the importance of food and agriculture and what Lafayette is doing to help.

More toward Thanksgiving, on this coming Thursday the 19th, LaFarm is holding a market in Farinon for students and faculty from 11-4 (more info here) and then on Friday LaFFCo is heading out to the farm to harvest the last of the food for our Thanksgiving Potluck happening on that Sunday the 22nd (more info for that here) which will be a great way to wrap up the agricultural season with all our members! I look forward to everything that’s coming up.

In addition, I’ve heard a bit about a big story in the upcoming Alumni magazine, more on that when it gets released…


Joe Ingrao, EXCEL Scholar Fall 2015

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