Being Prepared

There are all kinds of work to be done at the farm during all times of the year:

In the spring we’re mostly planting, during the summer we’re mostly maintaining, the fall we’re mostly harvesting, and the winter we’re preparing the soils for next year.  There is a variety of jobs that need to be done every day from easy weeding to more challenging weed whacking.  When talking to us about volunteering, ask about what types of jobs need to be done now so you know what you’ll be working on.

How to prepare for working at the farm:

  • You will get dirty: wear old clothes
  • Bring lots of water! (and a snack if staying for an extended period)
  • Dress for the weather:  Hot, Cold, Rain, Wind
  • Sunscreen and hat recommended during summer months

Sample activities include: planting, harvesting, watering, weeding, mowing, spraying non-chemical herbicides, building something, roto-tilling, bed preparations, or spreading compost or straw mulch.

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