CE 321 Laboratories

Laboratory 1 – Introduction to Watersheds

Laboratory 2 – Bushkill Watershed Tour

  • Laboratory Assignment #2
    • Example Laboratory Report – Posted for reference after assignment is handed back.
      • Example 1
      • Example 2
  • Topics to discussed on Watershed Tour – Updated 8/31/17
  • Northampton County, Stream Quality and Bushkill Watershed w/Details on Sampling Sites
  • Map of Bushkill Creek Watershed (Land-use and Township information)
  • Watershed of Northampton County
  • Bushkill Watershed Information
  • Watershed Terms to Remember
  • Bus tour identifying significant locations throughout the Bushkill Watershed
    • Write a two page summary of highlights from the trip.  – Due Tuesday, September 13 by 4 pm.
      1. What general land use differences were observed between the upper and lower watershed?
      2. List and describe 3 point and 3 nonpoint sources of pollution observed during the tour
      3. Explain the relevance of riparian woodlands and vegetation along the stream
      4. What is meant by “green infrastructure”?
      5. What kinds of environmental regulations are in place to protect the stream?
      6. What role do citizens play in maintaining/monitoring the integrity of the watershed?
      7. What are some pros and cons of the mill dams along the stream?
      8. Pick one site observed during your tour and describe some ways that sustainable engineering practices might help improve it.

Laboratory 3 – Water Budget

Laboratory 4 – Coliform and Water Quality

Laboratory 5 – Macro-invertebrate Study

Laboratory 6 – Geochemistry Evaluation

Tuesday, October 11th – Fall Break, No Lab, POSTER TIME

Laboratory 7 – Water Treatment Plant

Laboratory 8 – Kappe Lecture, Sudhir Murthy

Laboratory 9 – Waste Water Treatment Plant

Laboratory 10 – Movie Time – Silent Spring, Before the Flood and Blind Spots

  • Example Lab – 2016

Laboratory 11 – Grand central Landfill

Tuesday, November 22nd – No LAB (Thanksgiving)

Laboratory 12 – Evaluations

Laboratory 13 – Poster Session (December 8th, Thursday Night)

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