Word from Porter Street #2 (new series): Brett Foster, pt. 1

This latest installment is the first part of a multi-installment tribute to the late Brett Foster, poet and Renaissance literature professor at Wheaton College, Illinois. I met Brett at a conference in May 2014, where he was one of the featured poets at the opening reading. I enjoyed his poetry and the chance to have several conversations with him over the course of the conference. A month after we met, Brett was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer; after a year of intense treatment, Brett died on November 9 of this year. Brett embodied poetic faith in many senses, and I’m honored to bring some of his poetry to this podcast in order to share some of what I loved about him.

Featured poems:

“Ut Pictora Poesis, With Eight-Year-Old”

“How One Comes to Believe in Sacred Space”

“No Sol in California”

“Advent Calendar”

Approx. running time: 14 minutes

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