Word from Porter Street returns! 1st installment, new series

After a long hiatus, The Word from Porter Street is back! I’m starting a new series of the podcast, focused on the reading of poetry. I start this time with a brief introduction to the plan for the series, and a few words about my sabbatical, the lack of reading aloud I’m experiencing as a result of being out of the classroom, and my experience hearing Simon Armitage read at the Huntington while I was in California this fall.

Featured poems on this first installment are all by Simon Armitage:


“Song of the West Men”

“Listen Here”

approx. running time: 8.5 minutes

Please leave feedback on this site or on Twitter; looking forward to reading more soon!

2 thoughts on “Word from Porter Street returns! 1st installment, new series

  1. Andrew Moorhouse


    I was enjoying listening to this but it cuts off and repeats at least twice.

    Simon has a West Yorkshire accent (we’re very parochial).

    You can see some of my publications of Simon’s work at my website.

    Best wishes

  2. Christopher Phillips Post author

    Thanks, Andrew! I knew I was getting something wrong with the accent; I should have trusted my (American) instincts, but I also know that false accusations of Yorkshire accents don’t go over well—I’ll look that one up next time.
    Sorry the recording gave you some trouble. I’ve had to switch to a new recording software, and I’ll see if I can debug my process for future recordings, and maybe even repost this one.
    Thanks for listening, and for your feedback! I’m looking forward to reading your work on Simon soon.

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