Word from Porter Street, #3 (new series): Brett Foster, pt. 2

This installment of The Word from Porter Street is the second and last part of my reading of the late Brett Foster’s poetry. Here’s the list of poems:


“City Church at San Francisco”

Funny Hospital Saying

Sad Little Patriarch, Rubbing His Gloved Hands Together


“The First Request of Lazarus”


Thank you for the good words, Brett. We miss you.


Installments through the first several months of 2016 will be recorded in Philadelphia while I’m on a research residency at the Library Company of Philadelphia. Early American poetry and hymns will feature on the podcast, with (I hope) a few fine new discoveries among the city’s vibrant poetry scene. Recommendations for people to read/see are appreciated!


Approx. running time: 13 mins.

2 thoughts on “Word from Porter Street, #3 (new series): Brett Foster, pt. 2

  1. Sarah

    I’m really enjoying this podcast. We met at Westmont in October and you told me a little about your research and about your spiritual writing class. It sounded so interesting that I looked you up online and I’m really glad I did since that led me to this podcast. Thanks for sharing such good and interesting words!

  2. Christopher Phillips Post author

    Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad we had a chance to talk at Westmont this fall, and thanks for looking me up! I’m hoping to share more again soon.

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