Yield Comparison

Figure A. Created by Robert King
Figure A. Created by Robert King

In the figure above, two second generation sources are compared to two first generation sources by way of yield values. Clearly, these particular second generation sources possess  higher potential within this respective category; jatropha and sunflower plants tower over the yields associated with both soybeans and corn.

Though promising within the category of biofuels, a comparison of yield potential with respect to those figures related to fossil fuels paints a different picture. In fact, fossil fuels stand as considerably higher in usable energy extracted per unit of input. Specific ratios are listed on the “Drawbacks” page. In that respect, the second generation of biofuels may be viewed as an improvement upon the first generation, though still behind more traditional energy sources within the transportation sector.

(Composed by Robert King, edited by Eli Karp)


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By Eli Karp, Robert King, Tien Tran, and Matthew Schmitt