Consumption and Growth

Bioethanol has been the worlds leading biofuel and the market for bioethanol has continued to grow greatly in recent years.

104 million m³ of ethanol were produced worldwide in 2013, of which over 80% was used for fuel applications. The two leading producers of bioethanol are the United States and Brazil with 51.8 million m³ (13,300 million gallons)  and 27.7 million m³ (about 7,000 million gallons) of ethanol produced per year respectively.

2007 world production
2007 World Production of Fuel Ethanol

Above is the distribution of production of fuel ethanol by country in millions of gallons produced in the year 2007. Below is the chart of world production distribution for the year 2013. Notice the large increase of about double the amount of United States production in just a short 6 year period.

2013 world production
2013 World Production of Fuel Ethanol


Below is the World Production of fuel ethanol in the year 2014. Notice the amount of United States production continues to increase.

2014 world production
2014 World Production of Fuel Ethanol

The main use of bioethanol in the United States is as a petrol additive containing 10% ethanol.


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(Composed by Matthew Schmitt, Edited by Tien Tran)

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By Eli Karp, Robert King, Tien Tran, and Matthew Schmitt