After battling a violent sickness, I am finally returning to focusing in on my project. I have 13 or so resources, which I have read and am prepared to use to further my theoretical point. This week will be lots of catch-up for me personally for I have not had the right state of mind to handle tedious textual analysis. However, I embrace the added challenge. I think my focus is laser-sharp and my theory soundly crafted and sufficiently succinct. I have a well-crafted source to draw from and expand upon. However, I need to focus in on using the tool and crafting the project. I have half of Yeats poems prepared in a Text-edit document, which is ready to be run through Voyant. I am going to run that through Voyant and explore possible analysis that could be drawn from doing such. Furthermore, I intend to have a finished document including every poem of Eliot and Yeats by this Friday. Catch-up work is not fun and adds undue and unwanted stress on my mind.


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