Benjamin Draves

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Tempo of the Times looks to connect social shifts with fundamental changes in musical compositions. Powered by the Echo Nest, this project uses macroeconomic metrics and musical metrics that vary in sophistication in an attempt understand how artist’s work change with respect to the societal climate. Through, visitors can explore the data sets, strong economic and musical correlations, and even predictive models that investigate the future of music. Through the data available publicly and advanced statistical methods- Tempo of the Times connects society to its music.

Benjamin Draves worked on the Tempo of the Times project as part of the Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship. At the time of this project, Draves was a freshman B.S. Mathematics student at Lafayette College in the class of ’18. Draves has special interests in statistics, differential equations, music theory, and machine learning. Draves is a part of the Math Club, Investment Club, College Democrats, and is a founding member of the Statistics House at Lafayette. If you wish to contact Benjamin Draves, please don’t hesitate to write


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