Reflection 4

This past week has been frustrating and nervewracking. With all the upcoming deadlines, I am feeling the pressure of how little time we have left. Fortunately, it has also been a very reflective week as well and I am happy to have gotten past the hurdle of narrowing down my research question. A big source of frustration has been balancing the research aspect of the project with learning how to use the digital tools. While we were reminded that the research question is more important than the tools, I still feel that there has been an underestimation of how time consuming working with these tools can be, especially given the numerous ways in which we can choose to represent our data. While it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I finished collected my data points, turning this data into an actual interactive map and timeline has been a challenge, but one that I am in the long haul for.

Overall, despite the pressure and frustration, I definitely already approached the journey with a sensitivity to time which has been helpful in giving me a strong start. However, I think narrowing down has made me feel as though a lot of my initial time spent researching has gone to waste. Ultimately, I have realized that the information I have been learning is already valuable to me regardless of the project and will continue to be a source of motivation moving forward.

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