Lafayette News videos about DHSS Projects

I hope that everyone’s having a productive spring semester so far! Mine has been very busy, as I prepare to close the DHSS 2019 application period (the deadline is March 15!), and focus on going through what is going to be another interesting set of candidates for the new cohort. Not to mention that I’m also planning for the annual Digital Scholarship Student Symposium and Meet-up to take place right here on campus on June 28. If you are here during the summer, please consider joining us for the symposium that day…the Summer Scholars will be presenting their final digital research projects there for the first time!

I know that many of you received the February 27th issue of Lafayette’s From the Hill newsletter in your email, but if you missed it, there was a nice mention of 2018 Summer Scholar, Uche Anomnachi’s digital research project, Racial Perceptions of Anime and the accompanying video created by the Lafayette Communications department. This video is actually part of a series on summer research, including the video about Ben Gordon’s project about the NYC subways that you may have seen in the fall. Very exciting coverage!

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