Jean René

Jean ReneMy last name is RANDRIANJAKAMANANA and my first name is Jean René. At home, nobody calls me with my real name, but all of my relatives usually call me by my nickname which is “Tafita” which means “successful”. I am a boy of 17 years old, and I’m studying now at High School Andohalo Antananarivo where I have been attending the LIME sessions since 2014.  About my hobbies, I am interested in playing soccer and listening to songs. I like to learn more languages because I would communicate with all other people on Earth. I am also passionate about watching television especially fiction films. Currently, I am able to use a computer and a phone. Now I know 4 languages: Malagasy, which is my native language, French which I have been studying since 2005; English for 7 years now and German for 3 years now.  At school, my favourite subjects are all of the scientific subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and science which includes biology: animal and vegetal, and geology.  For my future, I would like to be an engineer of technology because this work is now developed in the world. At present, I’m looking to my homeland, and I see that Madagascar is now imprisoned in the colossal poverty and towering corruption, and I dream to develop Madagascar as well as I could.