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Who is Watching?

Panopticon is an amazing documentary on how technology in society is growing to fast. Through this movie there were so many different moments that truly made you have to take a second to think about what was just said. There were multiple scenes where people were being scanned by facial recognition scanners. I do not understand the need for everyday people to have to go through this. It would be one thing if this was just an in the moment scan to see if there was a missing person or a criminal there but it isn’t. This information is stored into a data base with endless memory. They know every where we have been, every where we are going, and every where we plan to go. I don’t know about you but this is not what I think of when the word freedom comes into play. These type of actions only remind me of the words I once read in the book 1984, “Big Brother is always watching!”

is social media good or bad?

The takeover of social media is a very serious topic that only continues to grow. This can be a very good or bad thing. The deciding factor of which one it is, is up to the individual. Social media can be used for so many great things you can plan events, you can speak with friends and family that are far away, you can get information on just about anything that you want. These are just some of the good things that can come from it. With all of the good there is bound to be some bad that is not too far behind. Now for the bad that sadly manages to find its way into these things. Some of the bad that comes from social media is cyber bullying, false information, and how once something is on the web it never goes way. What you do is up to you.

The Hunting Ground

This was without a doubt the most shocking and powerful film that we viewed all semester. The way that they showed the way the victims’ point of view, and the way all of these cases that came up somehow nothing ever managed to get done. This is a real problem that is continuing to grow nationwide. All of these presidents at these various universities and colleges that choice to ignore these extremely serious problems are just wrong. I cannot imagine having a student come into my office crying their eyes out, telling me that they were raped and doing absolutely nothing about it. I would not be able to look myself in the mirror if knew that it was in control to help these people and did nothing about. I really liked how at the end of the film they showed the growth of support that this group of victims was gaining from each school that they went to.

Is Yik Yak a problem?

After the discussion that we had in class about Yik Yak it really peaked my interest and caused me re-download the app. What I saw in class was sadly very similar to what I saw on there now. When I had the app before I never really noticed anything such as that. I feel as though the reason that these types of comments normally come into the picture is because of controversial topics that people do not fully understand. These comments are not okay and are extremely racist. The fact that this is still the way that some people this is just kind of sad. Not only is it sad but it has to change. This way of thinking is something that is taught by parents and continues work its way down. We as humans have come too far to continue to be that narrow minded as people. There needs to be change as a society on both sides.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

This movie was extremely different from your average documentary. I really appreciated the way he showed how these advertisements effected both the companies and the movies. It caused ideas to be much more difficult because the director/creator of the movie has an image that they would like to portray. Then on the other hand the companies still have an image of their product that they must up hold. This was when conflicts come into play with how much of your creative idea do you really want to give up for money. In the end if you give up to much does it still feel the same for you?

The lone man…

This movie had so many scenes that were so powerful. Though even with all of these other moments there was one that stood out the most in my eyes. It was the moment at the end when there was a protest, and the streets were covered with smoke. But through that smoke the figure of one person was visible. That one moment gave me that true feeling that this was a group of people that were truly standing as one. Through out this movie a lot of the scenes that caught my attention were the ones that had people killing on their own or with one other person. But this moment showed the power of people standing together as one.

Fight the Power

The song fight the power that was continuously being played through out this film. Possibly stood for more than just fight the power of the government and police officers. Could it have also been giving hints about stoping the power that racism holds as well. The reason I say this is because almost every time this song was being heard it was in a moment where racism was a part of. The main example was in Sal’s when the huge fight happened, but it also happened in the scene with the Boom Box battle where some things were said by the hispanic group after they  had lost.