is social media good or bad?

The takeover of social media is a very serious topic that only continues to grow. This can be a very good or bad thing. The deciding factor of which one it is, is up to the individual. Social media can be used for so many great things you can plan events, you can speak with friends and family that are far away, you can get information on just about anything that you want. These are just some of the good things that can come from it. With all of the good there is bound to be some bad that is not too far behind. Now for the bad that sadly manages to find its way into these things. Some of the bad that comes from social media is cyber bullying, false information, and how once something is on the web it never goes way. What you do is up to you.

3 thoughts on “is social media good or bad?”

  1. I agree that while social media has many positives, many negatives come along with it. One of the biggest problems with social media is the time people spend on it. It should be used every once in a while to keep in contact with those at a distance. I feel like once people begin using social media nonstop it can become a problem. People tend to put their best face forward on these sites, making them seem like they are living the greatest life. This in turn, can make those viewing the page feel dissatisfied with their own life and unhappy. While using these sites you should take into consideration that what you are seeing is not the daily life of these people. I also feel that people can use the time they spend checking their social media outlets on more productive things.

  2. Social media can be such a useful thing in today’s day and age, but when it comes down to individuals it can be extremely dangerous. The worst part is that we can’t really contain it. It’s reached a level where there’s too much profit being made and everyone’s reliance on it has increased to a level that cannot diminish. Watch out world, this could be bad….

  3. I do agree that social media has both its pros and cons and “social media literacy” is really important in the world today. While I agree you don’t really need to learn how to like or comment on stuff, people need to learn the difference between false and true information. People need to be aware of the impact that social media has in each individual’s life (provided they have access to it) and be wise about how they use it. Educating people about social media is as important as instilling in people moral values and ethics. It should be introduced in every aspect of a young person’s life starting from family and extending to classrooms and beyond.

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