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Women athletes (and men)

Thinking about stories like this one, US Soccer’s Wage Gap is America’s Shame (The Guardian), after seeing this video. Back in the Fall of 2014, Nancy Jianakoplos, presented a related paper (NCAA Basketball: Do Men and Women Play the Same Game?) in…

Data, interactive

Pulled in by the beer* story, want to see Airbnb for Penna, and just wowed by the apdata, analysis, and presentation. TrendCT Hope to get to visit that lovely site often! * And the fact that it’s a tutorial.

Surprising economics majors

Neat site, fun story. 8 Famous People You Probably Didn’t Realize Studied Economics ( This goes the other way, too. There are likely many people whose jobs might make you think they studied economics (or business) but studied something you’d find…

A response to The Big Letter

Here’s the letter of the week, from economists who should get much of our respect. An Open Letter from Past CEA Chairs to Senator Sanders and Professor Gerald Friedman And here’s a response from an economist who respects them, but…

Good old Moore’s Law

Not dead yet! Moore’s Law at a New Crossroads (PC Magazine) Which links to his original: Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits (GORDON E. MOORE, LIFE FELLOW, IEEE) — Reprinted (by IEEE Spectrum in 1998) from Electronics, pp. 114–117, April 19, 1965

Prosperity gospel

Among the deep dimensions of this story: a finitely repeated game holds many possible equilibria, depending on your solution concept. Love, Death, the Prosperity Gospel, and Me (NYTimes)

Apple’s manufacruring

In-depth piece from a few years ago. How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work (NYTimes) There are many choices that we have made about labor & competitiveness that have determined where we are today. Some sound like glib assertions, and…

Origins of the language

Quite the interesting read, where we learn that the Viking made the language ‘easier’ but left some pieces reminiscent of other languages in there, “hanging on like a dead bug on a windshield”. English is Not Normal (aeon) Also fun…