Consumer Search, Rationing Rules, and the Consequence for Competition
[Abstract, HTML | editorial proof, PDF]
Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction April 2011
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6589: edited by J. Salerno, S.J. Yang, S.-K. Chai

Open- and Closed-Loop Supply Chain Dynamics: Specification and Exploration of an Agent-Based Model
with Jeffrey Pfaffman [Abstract, HTML]
Eastern Economic Journal January 2011, 37(1)
Special Issue on Agent Based-Computational Economics

Assessing the Effectiveness of Using a Computer Game to Bridge a Research Agenda with a Teaching Agenda
with Kristen Sanford Bernhardt, Sharon Jones, and Jackie Isaacs
American Society of Engineering Education 2010 Proceedings
(Best paper award, ASEE Environmental Division)

Acting White or Acting Black: Mixed-Race Adolescents’ Identity and Behavior
with Susan Averett and Howard Bodenhorn
[Abstract, HTML] [NBER working paper, PDF] [Full paper, PDF] [dspace record]
The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 2009, 9(1) Contributions

Colorism and African-American Wealth: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century South
with Howard Bodenhorn
[Abstract, HTML] [Related NBER working paper, PDF] [dspace record]
Journal of Population Economics 2007, 20(3) 599-620

Handedness and Earnings
with Joe Harrington and Robert Moffitt
[Abstract, HTML] [NBER Working Paper, PDF] [dspace record]
Laterality: Asymmetries of Brain, Body and Cognition 2007, 12(2) 101-120

Model Exit in a Vertically Differentiated Market:
Interfirm Competition vs. Intrafirm Cannibalization in the Computer Hard Disk Drive Industry
[Abstract, HTML] [Full paper, PDF] [dspace record]
Review of Industrial Organization February 2005 (volume 26, issue 1)

Network Externalities and Standardization: A Classroom Demonstration
with Sarah Stafford, Nicola Tynan et al.
Southern Economic Journal April 2003 (volume 69, issue 4)

Interfirm Competition, Intrafirm Cannibalization, and Product Exit in the Market for Computer Hard Disk Drives
[Abstract, PDF]
Economic and Social Review Spring 2002 (volume 33, issue 1),
selected papers from the 28th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics

Imitation Dynamics in the Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma: An Exploratory Example
[Abstract, HTML] [Full paper, PDF (w/subscription)] [Full paper, PDF (final draft)] [dspace record]
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization August 1999 (volume 40, issue 1)

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