Econ 246 / Math 246, Evolutionary Game Theory

This class satisfies requirements for …
the Economics major and minor, the Computational Methods minor,
and (with successful petition) a Biology free elective.

Prerequisites  … and any one of the following:
Math 141 or 161 or 165 … Econ 101,  Biol 102, Neur 201, A&S 102/103, Psych 110,
Govt 101/102/103/104, or Phil 200/245/250/260.

According to Hollywood, “Greed is good.” Is this your experience? For example, when you dine at a restaurant in a city that is far from your home, one that you do not intend to visit again soon, do you leave a tip? Most people do, but why? Is it force of habit? Fear of damaging one’s reputation? Altruistic concern for the servers? Support for widely accepted social conventions? Irrational or ill-considered behavior? Answers to these questions lie at the heart of our understanding of the origins of cooperation amongst humans, and exploring those answers is inherently a cross-disciplinary experience.

Here is the syllabus. Created with Rob Root, Department of Mathematics.

The development of this course was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (IOS-0922605, HSD 079458, and CPATH-T 0722211/0722203) and a grant for interdisciplinary course development from the Mellon Foundation through the Dean of the College.