Accessibility, Pages, Apple, and checkers

That’s not pages, it’s Apple’s Pages—the word processing and document layout application.

We were talking recently about making web pages and documents accessible, in reference to this Wintel-centric document, Creating accessible PDFs.

So I searched around a bit (on this query: apple pages accessibility checker) and found these links. 

Create accessible documents, spreadsheet, or presentations with Pages, Numbers, or Keynote (a guide from Apple, following various standard techniques)

Make Accessible PDFs – 10 Easy Steps! (a one-pager)

Create and verify PDF accessibility, Acrobat Pro (this is the solution most like using Word: follow the guidelines in Pages, print to PDF, and then check with Acrobat Pro)

Understanding Accessibility –Pages for Mac and Keynote for Mac (somewhat out of date in terms of what Pages can do, but a more exhaustive list than that previous one from Apple)

Accessibility – Apple (Their splashy site with info about many devices and their technologies)

Creating ePub documents with Pages (not a checker, but it’s organized in a way that addresses accessibility)

Reading Email with VoiceOver and Apple Mail (just that)

Improve accessibility with the Accessibility Checker (for MS Word, but something to think about as a comparison)

Accessible PDFs with a Macintosh Computer (mostly: open up your document in Windows on a PC to make it fully compatible)

I’ll add this little tidbit about creating a link: highlight the text you want the link to be underneath, and then use cmd-K (or, I think ctrl-K on a PC) to get the popup for entering the link to appear. This works in many, many applications, and on Moodle, too!


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