William Lowe, Lafayette Class of 1962

The IBM PC has always been such an interesting innovation.  To find out recently that a Lafayette Leopard oversaw its development was exciting.  Unsurprisingly, there are many obituaries for William Lowe.

What a great observation that this innovation radically changed IBM’s culture, product line, and average price
William Lowe, IBM PC Architect, Dead at 72 (PCMag)
Of course, the causality of that observation is a bit backwards: IBM was playing catch-up.  In doing so, they gave control of a certain co-specialized asset over to somebody else.  (Gee, who in Seattle could that be?)
IBM PC pioneer William C Lowe dies, aged 72 (BBC News)

To repeat, the decision really had made itself: IBM had to act fast.
William C. Lowe, the man responsible for leading the project to create IBM’s first PC, dies at 72 (TechSpot)
Lowe was apparently the guy who understood what had to be done, or was at least the leader of the group that figured it out.
William Lowe, the ‘father of the IBM PC,’ dies at 72 | Tech Culture (CNET News)
As a result, we all became familiar with the term “PC-compatible”.
William C. Lowe, 72, father of IBM personal computer (Chicago Sun-Times)

Not only a Leopard, but an Estonian!
Muere William C. Lowe, padre de la PC de IBM (Yahoo! News)
William Lowe, who led IBM’s development of personal computers, dies at 72 (Washington Post)
Also a backer of Steve Jobs
William C. Lowe, Who Oversaw the Birth of IBM’s PC, Dies at 72 (NYTimes)
and the grandfather of 10.

Lafayette’s Communication Division provided these links in this issue of From the Hill.

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