An interdisciplinary journal, Reader encourages submissions in areas such as literature, reading research, gender studies, rhetoric, composition, visual representation, and cultural studies.

Please submit electronically to Patricia Donahue, Editor at and Bianca Falbo, Co-Editor at

Special Issue 

The next issue will focus on Reading and Teaching Reading in the Pandemic. We’ll consider full length academic essays, short or long memoirs or narratives, poems, etc. Possibilities: How have your own reading practices—or the practices you teach–changed during the pandemic? Have you been helped by particular texts in confronting personal, academic, and pedagogical challenges? Have your students?  Did your course syllabi change?.Submission deadline is 10/1/21. Please send queries to Bianca Falbo (

New Review Section

We are planning a new “Review” section, but from a reading slant. While we’ll consider reviews of new books about reading history, theory, and pedagogy, we’d also like to create a section on “Reading Texts In the Classroom.” This section will examine texts you have used to teach reading. Why did you assign it? For what purpose? What reading difficulties did it pose? How did it allow your students to undertake the work of reading—and of writing–in a more deliberate and self-aware way?  Just a few possibilities. Queries can be sent to Bianca at the address above.

Guidelines for Submissions

Manuscript Preparation: Submissions should be approximately 25-30 double-spaced, typed pages with one inch margins on all sides in a Microsoft Word document. Use bold for first-order headings; italic for second-order headings; and italic with text run on after a full point for third-order headings.

Also include a title page, containing the following information:

  1. Author name(s)
  2. Full title of the essay
  3. Author(s) contact details (include preferred mailing address, email, and telephone).

Style: Use MLA style, following the most recent guidelines of the MLA Handbook. Notes should appear as endnotes, not footnotes.

Review: Remove all identifying information from the body of the essay so that it can undergo the blind peer review process.

Submission Inquires

If you have any questions regarding the submission process or the status of your submission, please email Bianca Falbo.