Issue Number 50 Spring 2004

Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Paul Kameen

John Donne’s Satires: How Will They Reform?
Tatjana Chorney

“A Productive and Fructifying Pain”: Storytelling as Teaching in The Bluest Eye
Jeffrey M. Buchanan

Raising My Son Righteously Up: On Reading Jewish Children’s Books in Iowa
Cynthia Miller Coffel

Remembered Reader: The Function of Memory and Self-Reflexivity in the Work of Reading
Lois Williams

Issue Number 49 Fall 2003

Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Paul Kameen

The Rhetoric of Virtuous Reading in Defoe’s Roxana and the 1765 Continuation
M. Wade Mahon

Reading in Translation: Luce Irigaray’s The Way of Love
Heidi Bostic

Misreading (and) Feminism
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Issue Number 48 Spring 2003

Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Paul Kameen

Taking Professionalization Seriously
Linda Hutcheon

Anne Michaels’ Fugitive Pieces, Object Relations, Internalization, and the Development of Discourse
Neal Bruss

Redefining Resistance: Rereading Critical Pedagogy
Gwen Gorzelsky

Issue Number 47 Fall 2002

Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Paul Kameen

Reading (and) the Profession
Gary Ettari and Heather C. Easterling

Reading, Teaching, and Writing(at) Disciplinary Intersections: Oars, Wars, and a Place to Stand
Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Identity Wars: “Passing” Through the Lit/Comp Gap
Johanna Schmertz

(Re)viewing Teaching as Intellectual Work in English Studies: Insights from a Peer Review of Teaching Project
Amy Goodburn

Issue Number 46 Spring 2002

Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Paul Kameen

Converting Her Readers: Susan Warner’s Modeling of Reading in The Wide, Wide World  Kevin Ball

“Reading What Students Have Written”: A Case Study from the Basic Writing Classroom   Rebecca Taylor

Issue Number 45 Fall 2001

A Note from Reader’s Editors

Patricia Donahue

Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Teaching and Social Responsibility
John Carlos Rowe

The Ideology of Inspiration
Bianca Falbo

Professing Women and the Classroom Crisis
Dale M. Bauer

Reaching Outward: Advice Texts, Readers, and Phantom Pedagogues
John G. Nichols

Errata Corrige for Issue #44

Notes from Jerry Farber’s essay

Issue Number 44 Spring 2001

A Note from Reader’s New Editors

Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Paul Kameen

Aesthetic Subjectivity and the Teaching of Literature
Jerry Farber

Our Lives But My Story: Feminist Pedagogy and Ethical Dilemmas in Non-Fiction Narrative
Ann Marie Ewoldt & Margaret Baker Graham

Engendering the Gothic: Clara Reeve Redecorates The Castle of Otranto
Temma F. Berg

Reading the Animated Object: The Economies of Indian Bazaar Images
Kajri Jain

Issue Number 43 Spring 2000

Editorial note
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Contextualizing Coram’s Foundling Hospital: Dickens’s Use and Readers’ Interests
Wendell V. Harris

Future Directions Studying Responses within Activity Systems
Richard Beach

Reader, Readers, Reading
Temma Berg

The Changing Reader
David Bleich

Dissociation of Sensibility Revisited: The Logical Priority of Direct Response and Feminist Pedagogy
Deanne Bogdan

The Unconscious Redux
John Clifford

For Intimate Readings
Janet Ellerby

Reading Reader, Reading Readers
Russell Hunt

Empirical Studies in the Reading of Narrative? Sadly, Not Yet
Michael Kearns

Reading’s Transformational Power
AnaLouise Keating

From Silent/Silenced Reading to Reading Aloud, The Impact of Reader on a Discipline in Flux
Kathleen McCormick & Gary Waller

Authorial Readers, Flesh and Blood Readers, and the Recursiveness of Rhetorical Reading
James Phelan

Reading as Communicative Action
Patrocinio P. Schweickart

Reader-Response Theory, Social Criticism and Personal Writing
Barbara Frey Waxman

Final Reflections: Editing and Exhaustion
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Issue Number 42 Fall 1999

Reading and Technical Communication  Editorial note
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Conducting Reader Research in Technical Communication
Brad Connatser

Between Reading and Encountering in Human-(Technical)Text Interaction
Pirkko Raudaskoski

Review Essay: Reading, Agency, and Participatory Pedagogy: Recent Titles in Technical Communication
Michael Moore

Issue Number 41 Spring 1999

Editorial note
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Lily Bart’s Fractured Alliances and Wharton’s Appeal to the Middle Brow Reader
Melanie Dawson

The ‘Truth’ about Reading:  Interpretive Instability in the Evolution of Anthony Burgess’s  “A Clockwork Orange”
Vincent A. O’Keefe

Critical Realism or Black Modernism?: The Reception of “Their Eyes Were Watching God”
Philip Goldstein

Review Essay: “Reader Response” in the Nineties
Elizabeth A. Flynn