Issue Number 30 Fall 1993

Gender and Reading: Note

Toward a Theory of Gendered Reading
Harriet Kramer Linkin

From Reading “Against” to Reading “With”: Feminism and the Subject of Reading
Liedeke Plate

Cinderella in the Classroom: (Mis)Reading Alice Munro’s “Red Dress-1946”
Charlotte Goodman

Negotiating Gaps in Reader Anthologies: The Role of Context in Selections by Women  Teresa Kynell

Issue Number 29 Spring 1993 

Notes From the Editors

Through Plexiglas Darkly: Loss of Agency In Joan Didion’s Salvador
William D. Atwill

A Psychology of Terror
Janet Ellerby

The Struggle for Verbal Consciousness
Donnalee Frega

Textual Analysis, Agency and Joan Didion’s Salvador
Daniel W. Noland

Toward an Ecofeminism
Lee Schweninger

The Catholic Church a World of Masculine Violence: A Post Modern Feminist Response  Barbara Waxman

An Index to Issues 1 – 29

Issue Number 28 Fall 1992

A Note from the Editors

What Hypertext Can Do that Print Narratives Cannot
J. Yellowlees Douglas

Form(ed) From the Inside Out: Teaching the Reading of Poetry Through Computers
Leslie A. Donovan

Reading Between Worlds: Computer-Mediated Intercultural Responses To Asian Literature
James C. Greenlaw

Hemingway and Basic Writers: A Computer-Based Reader-Response Study
Thomas J. Reynolds

The CA Literature Class: A Perspective
John A. Evans

A Theater of Responses: Using a Computer Bulletin Board to Enhance Interpretation
Janet Mason Ellerby

Issue Number 27 Spring 1992

Notes from the Editors

To Break the Frozen Sea Inside
Janet Landman

Reading The Middle Passages
Molly Abel Travis

Reading and Writing Culture: A Group Memoir
Joseph Trimmer

Reading The Right Thing
Joseph Harris

Issue Number 26 Fall 1991

A Note from the Editor

Evolution of a Scholarly Forum: Reader, 1977-1988
Carol Berkenkotter

Stories of Reading Pentagogy: Problems and Possibilities
Michael Steig

Telling the Reader What to Do: Wordsworth and the Fenwick Notes
Scott Simpkins

The Mirror of the Text: Reading Gilbert Sorrentino’s Mulligan Stew
Sharon Buzzard

Reader Survey

Issue Number 25 Spring 1991

A Note from the Editor

Half Someone Else’s: Theories, Stories, and the Conversation of Literature
Jo Keroes

Reader, Parent, Coach: Defining the Profession by Our Practice of Response
Cheryl Geisler

Icon and Interpretation: Reading Durer’s Melencolia I
Jeffrey Carroll

Politics as Ideological Hermeneutics: American Fiction and the Historicized Reader of the Early Nineteenth Century
James L. Machor

Issue Number 24 Fall 1990

A Note from the Editor

“Traveling Through the Dark”: Teachers and Students Reading and Writing Together   Wendy Bishop

Bloody Deconstruction or the Semiotics of Surgery
Janice M. Wolff

Split Text/Split Reader: The Narrattee of Jeremias Gotthelf
James W. Rankin

To Read and Reread: Well’s Tono-Bungay
Anne B. Simpson

“One is Not Equal To Many” (Oedipus Tyrannus 836)
Judith Perkins

Book Review
Bill Jenkins

Issue Number 23 Spring 1990

Reading the Image: A Note from the Editor

Richard Leppert

Jenny Holzer and the Rhetoric of Violence
Dale M. Bauer

Christopher Latham Sholes, The Typewriter, And Women’s Economic Emancipation: A Reading of an Image
Mary C. Pinard

AIDS: Reading the Visions, Hearing the Voices
Pauline Moore

The Culture of the Bath: Cigarette Advertising and the Representation of Leisure
Diana George and Diana Shoos

Announcement and Errata

Issue Number 22 Fall 1989

Women Reading/Reading Women: A Note from the Editor

Pamela L. Caughie and Margaret D. Stetz

Dialogically Feminized Reading: A Critique of Reader-Response Criticism
Patricia Lorimer Lundberg

Reading Victorian Heroines: North and South, Daniel Deronda and Villette
Ellen Rosenman

Other People’s I’s (Eyes): The Reader, Gender and Recursive Reading in To the Lighthouse and The Waves
Jane Marcus

The Seduction of Sarah: Reading John Fowles’s Victorian Fantasy
Elizabeth Campbell

Issue Number 21 Spring 1989

Audience and Authority: A Note from the Editor

Gesa Kirsch

Rereading in the Writing Process
Keith Grant-Davie

Writers’ Conceptions of Audience in Graduate Literature Courses
Patricia A. Sullivan

Reading Authority, Writings Authority
Peter L. Mortensen

Authority in Reader-Writer Relationships
Gesa Kirsch