Issue Number 10 Fall 1983

Relationships Between Response Theories and Reading Research: A Note from The Editor

Theory and Research in Reading: Insights From Socio-Psycholinguistics
Robert F. Carey

The Role of Selection Strategies in Literary-Critical Reading(s)
James Sosnoski

Relationships Between Reader-Response and the Research of Kenneth and Yetta Goodman
William Powers

Complementarities: Reading Research and Theories of Response
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Letters to the Editor:
David Bleich
Brian G. Caraher

Selected Bibliography

Issue Number 9 Spring 1983

Ideologies of Reader-Oriented Literary Theory: A Note from the Editors

Bleich and Iser on the Reader’s Role
Ed Block

Experience, Authority and Theoretical Ideals: A Methodological Critique of Some Recent Reader-Response Criticism and Theory
Brian Gregory Caraher

Literature Lost or the Politics of Justification
Larysa Mykyta

Reading for an Image of the Reader: A Response to Block, Caraher, and Mykyta
Charles Altieri

Selected Bibliography

Issue Number 8 July 1980

Wendy Deutelbaum

The Woman Reader and The Male Critical Establishment
Ann R. Shapiro

“What Right Have I, a Woman,  to Read All These Things that Man has Done?” Virginia Woolf as Reader
Brenda R. Silver

Woman Reading: A Phenomenonological Approach
Elizabeth A. Flynn

A New Kind of Reader: The Chicana Feminist
Margarita Cota-Cardenas

The Spectator and The Viewer
Catherine Johnson

A Feminist Reading of Can You Forgive Her and Portrait of a Lady
Kossia Orloff

Issue Number 7 January 1980

Reading Reading in Literature
William W. Stowe

Teaching Reading
William E. Cain

Reading Aloud and the Composing Process
Leone Scanlon

Report from Indiana: On Two Courses
David Bleich

Fantasy in Fiction: Studying Literature Through Readers
Susan M. Eliott

Some Issues Related to Reader-Oriented Teaching
Susan M. Eliott

Report from France
Vickey Mistacco

Report on the 1979 NEMLA Forum on The Reader of Literature
Susan Elliot

Issue Number 6 June 1979

This issue is comprised of responses to David Bleich’s Subjective Criticism

Robert Crossman

Susan M. Elliott

Resymbolizing Subjective Criticism
James J. Sosnoski

Jeanne Murray Walker

Authorizing Authority in Subjective Pedagogy
Wendy Deutalbaum

David Bleich Replies To:
Robert Crossman
Susan Elliott
James Sosnoski
Jeanne Walker
Wendy Deutalbaum

Issue Number 5 October 1978

Four Types of Reader
Robert Crossman

All Readers Reading
Steven Mailloux

An Act of Reciprocity
Temma Berg

Reading a Fairy Tale
Jennifer Waelti-Walters

Communication Theory and the Real Reader
Thomas H. Zynda

The Energies of the Body in Literary Response
David Downing

Is There Such a Thing as Reading?
P. Cortland

Editor’s Comment
Robert Crossman

Issue Number 4 1978

What is Reader-Oriented Criticism?
Susan Suleiman

Seminar: The Reader in Modern French Fiction
Vicki Mistacco

Teaching Literature Through Readers
Susan M. Elliott

Creative Writing and Student Reading
Peter Parisi

Teaching Reader Responses
Wendy Deutalbaum

Walter J. Slatoff

Issue Number 3 July 1977

Responses to New Literary History (Vol.8, no.1; Autumn 1976)
Daniel Laferriere
Peter Rabinowitz
Don Hendrick

The “Valuing Relation” in Naumann’s “Literary Production and Reception”: Some Theoretical and Practical Conclusions
Stan S. Rubin

The Reader as a Person
Susan Elliott

More Responses to New Literary History (Vol.8, no.1; Autumn 1976)
Robin Miller
Robert Crossman


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Issue Number 2 April 1977

Editor’s Note
Robert Crossman


Future Issues

Further Plan’s for 1977 MLA Convention

Other Information


Bibliographic Supplement

Issue Number 1 January 1977

Editor’s Note
Robert Crossman

Summary of the Forum on the Reader of Literature, 1976 MLA Convention
R. Crossman

Plans for the 1977 MLA Convention
R. Crossman