Issue Number 20 Fall 1988

On Louise M. Rosenblatt: A Note from the Editor

Introduction: On First Reading Rosenblatt
John Clifford

Writing and Reading: The Transactional Theory
Louise M. Rosenblatt

Louise Rosenblatt and Theories of Reader-Response
Carolyn Allen

Democratic Practice, Pragmatic Vistas
Ann E. Berthoff

“First Steps” in Wandering Rocks”: Students’ Differences, Literary Transactions, and Pleasures
Kathleen McCormick

The Aesthetic Mind of Louise Rosenblatt
Alan C. Purves

Issue Number 19 Spring 1988

Note from the Editor

Imagination and Emotion: Toward the Theory of Representation
Keith Opdahl

Reader Response to Thoreau’s Walden: A Study of Undergraduates’ Reading Patterns
Richard Dillman

“The Power of Example:” Harry Ormond Reads Tom Jones
Mary-Elisabeth Fowkes Tobin

Fragments of Possession: A Poststructuralist’s Reading of Forester’s “My Wood”
Mary Ellen Pitts

Issue Number 18 Fall 1987

Rhetoric and Reading: A Note from the Editor

Victor Udwin

Reading and Writing: The Rhetoric of Reversal
Vector Udwin

Reading and Law: Order in the Court?
Adrienne Miller

Reading  the Writing on Nature’s Wall
Patricia Roberts

Reading the Unwritten
Celina Siegel

Issue Number 17 Spring 1987

Letter from the Editor

Misreading Student’s Texts
Patricia Donahue

Reading Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge: Toward a Problem-Solving Theory of Reading Literature
JoAnne Liebman-Kleine

Becoming Woman: Identification and Desire in The Sound and The Fury
Karen Kaivola

Drifting with Henry James
Bruce Bassoff

Issue Number 16 Fall 1986

Pedagogy: A Note from the Editor

The Pedagogical Implications of Reader-Response Theory
Mariolina Salvatori

Reading, Writing, and Intention
Chris M. Anson

Reading Lyrical Ballads: Teaching by Response
Jared Curtis

Reading as a Communal Act of Discovery: Finnegans Wake in the Classroom
Paul Ady

Assessing Students’ Responses to Literature
Donald A. McAndrew

Issue Number 15 Spring 1986

Teaching Noncanonical Literature: A Note from the Editor

John Schilb

Canonical Theories and Noncanonical Literature: Steps Toward Pedagogy
John Schilb

Responses of White Students to Ethnic Literature: One Teacher’s Experience
Valerie Lee

Student Readers and the Civil War Letters of an Ohio Woman
Leonore Noll Hoffman

A Response Pedagogy for Noncanonical Literature
John Clifford


Issue Number 14 Fall 1985

The New Rhetoric and the New Literacy Theory: A Note from the Editor

Kathleen McCormick

Foundations of a Constructivist Empirical Study of Literature
Siegfried J. Schmidt

Crash-Testing a Transactional Model of Literary Learning
Russell A. Hunt and Douglas Vipond

Psychological realism: A New Epistomology for Reader-Response Criticism
Kathleen McCormick

A Unified-Field Theory for English
David Shumway

Issue Number 13 Spring 1995

Gender and Reading: A Note From the Editor

Add Gender and Stir
Patrocinio P. Schweickart

Vendor, Reading and Misreading
Madonne M. Miner

Re-Writing The Moral Essay: Eliza Haywood’s Female Spectator
Kathryn Shevelow

Gender Bias in the Concept of Audience
Elisabeth Daumer

Selected Bibliography

Issue Number 12 Fall 1984

Deconstruction: A Note from The Editor

Temma F. Berg

Wrestling with the Deconstructive Angel
Temma F. Berg

Susan R. Horton

Intentionalism, Reader-Response and the Place of Deconstruction
Jonathan Loesberg

On Choosing One’s Allies: The Interimplication of Act and Response
Wendell Harris

Issue Number 11 Spring 1984

Reading/Writing Relationships: A Note from the Editors

A Remembrance by David Bleich

Pseudo-Politics in the Teaching of Literature and Composition
Bruce T. Peterson

Social Foundations of Reading and Writing
Deborah Brandt

The Writing/Readings Relationship: Implications of Recent Research in  Cognition for Reading and Writing
Richard Beach and JoAnne Liebman-Kleine

Analyzing Language in Terms of the Intersujbectivity of Communities and Authority
Tom Fox

Publications of Bruce T. Peterson