General Body Meeting 3/12: Successful Peloton Pitch

This week Mikias Stewart and Kwasi Obeng-Dankwa delivered a successful buy pitch for Peloton Interactive Inc. Peloton provides interactive fitness products internationally and domestically. Their bikes have a built-in touchscreen mirror that streams live and on-demand exercise classes.  The Peloton bike and Peloton tread provide users with unique “in home” workout options. The traditional Peloton Bike costs between $1,895-$2,345 depending on certain amenities, their Bike+ costs $2,495-$2,945, and Peloton also offers a monthly payment plan of  $39/month.  

While PTON stock was up roughly 400% over the past year, the stock has been battered recently due to a brief market sell off and the rollout of the COVID vaccine. The stock has also declined 23% over the last month, but Kwasi and Mikias see this as a buying opportunity. However, some club members raised concerns about the end of the pandemic and its possible impact on peloton’s future performance.  Kwasi and Mikias believe that the lockdown will serve as a launch pad for the stock. They both see Peloton as the future of fitness and believe that the company will only continue to grow.  The club voted to buy Peloton, congratulations to Mikias and Kwasi on a successful pitch!

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