Stock Pitch Tutorial

Three Questions need to be answered in your Pitch…..Who? What? Why? 


General Background of the Company: Headquarters, Number of employees, store/manufacturing locations 

C-suite: The Executive-Level Managers Within a Company.

  • What is their experience in the industry?
  • New, old, scandals?
  • Detail the company culture


  • What product or service does this company provide?
  • Understand and be able to explain exactly what the company does, never pitch a company you don’t understand.  

Why?: Catalyst: An event, or expectation of an event, that drastically changes the price of a stock. 

  • Why Buy now?
  • Why is it undervalued?
  • What will change that will increase the share price?
  • Is there a different reason to invest?
    • Diversification, income

Financial Metrics

Market Cap, P/E Ratio, 52 Week Range, Beta, Reported Earnings + Earnings Estimates, EBITDA

  • Talk about what you know and Keep it simple
    • Revenue, profit, margins

Compare to a Rival and Industry Average

  • Why this company instead of a competitor?
  • What makes it superior?
  • Nice way to summarize pitch in the middle


Don’t be afraid to share the risks of your proposed investment.

  • No company is perfect and an Educated audience knows this.
  • This legitimizes your argument
  • Don’t dwell and have a good defense
    • Spin it to benefit your argument 

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