Students of all majors, interests, backgrounds, and experience are welcome to enjoy the pizza and learn during Investment Club Meetings every Friday at lunch in the Simon basement. While there is no requirement for participation, involved members do receive perks and a better chance for a board position.

For those that want to help on a presentation or have any ideas for a Friday meeting, come to the executive board meetings every Tuesday during lunch in the lobby of the Simon building.

Help on Market Update

If you would like to get involved, presenting a Market Update is an easy way to start. Market Updates occur almost every meeting and are a simple brief presentation of what has happened that week in the markets.

Proposals to buy/sell securities

If you believe the portfolio would do better with the addition or removal of a security, don’t hesitate to voice your ideas! Because of past experiences, start-ups will typically not be considered. These proposals involve the following facts:

  • Details of the your proposal: asset name, ticker, amount in $, time frame
  • Brief description of the company
  • Company performance vs. sector performance
  • Why we should invest
  • Future predictions, both optimistic and pessimistic

Educational/ Guest speaker ideas

If you have an idea for an educational presentation, or know of someone who would be a great educational speaker for the club, feel free to share your thoughts.

For more help or questions, contact Sam Klearman at

Other helpful outside sources for creating presentations and learning



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