A Visit From Citi

This Friday, we were lucky enough to host three alumni from Citi who came to speak about their experiences and the Lafayette recruitment process at their company. Ryan Dodds ’15, Dante Piccolo ’17, and Scott McAvoy ’18 were accompanied by current seniors Andrew Chuma and Niki Stanton, who will both work for Citi after graduation.

The panel covered what they do at Citi, their experiences at Lafayette, general tips for networking and interviewing, and finally went through how Citi recruits through Lafayette and the corresponding time frame. Moral of the story: sophomores are up to bat, whether they like it or not.

For the first time in my tenure, the club nearly finished all the pizza order, with just a half pie remaining at the end of the meeting. If that’s not a sign of interest, I don’t know what is.

Thanks to the guys at Citi and Career Services for making this event happen! We cherish the strong connection Lafayette has to Citi and hope it sticks for years to come.

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