Why to Tell a Story

For an english course I’m taking, our professor had us read an article entitled The Inside Story. It’s written by a producer, Peter Guber, who has produced the original Batman andThe Witches of Eastwick, and more recently, The Kids Are All Right and Soul Surfer. It goes into detail on how stories for films are picked – I found it fascinating how Guber wasn’t interested in Soul Surfer until he met the “soul surfer” herself, Bethany Hamilton. Her personal story touched him so much, that he just knew he had to make the film. While it was for monetary reasons as well, (he knew many people would come see the film), this brings up the idea of passion in film. If someone doesn’t have a passion for storytelling or doesn’t find the story they’re telling compelling, they will not be successful in film. The reason why you’re telling a story and your interest in that story is just as important as the act of telling the story.

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