The Hunting Ground

Overall, I think that this documentary was disturbing, unsettling, and incredibly¬†effective. So many times, I think I view myself as somewhat invincible, in that nothing truly bad could happen, that’s only stuff you unfortunately hear about in the news, or about people you sort of know, or a friend of a friend. This movie served as a type of wake-up call for me. Truly no one is immune to such serious experiences. This film was so relatable because, like so many people already said, the film deals with college students; people my age, people with whom I interact every single day. This topic is much more relatable to me than I had previously thought. It definitely raised my awareness of how prevalent rape is across college campuses.

I was also appalled by how nearly all of the colleges handled the victims coming forward asking for help, justice, and safety. A college should be a place of safety for all students, not one where a victim is blamed, doubted, and not supported or helped at all.

One thought on “The Hunting Ground”

  1. I was also very angry with how the colleges handled this. Colleges should be promoting safty. I think one of the bigger problems of this is that colleges do not want to rise their sexual assault rate. I think the solution to this is that schools do not release how many students they expel and how many were accused of sexual assault. Colleges do want the safty of their students, however, want a good reputation at the same time. Many colleges need to care more about these situation and not be as self-centered about their reputation.

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