Inside Job Analysis

I haven’t seen a lot of documentaries but I feel like Inside Job is the first documentary in which I saw an active role of the interviewer in the documentary.The confidence shown by the interviewer to ask several logical questions to the distinguished personalities in politics and financial sector and asking clear and detailed answers on the questions that the interviewee don’t dare to talk openly, was really unique and appreciable.Watching the movie I felt the constant stammering and nervousness of the famous people( who are often seeing speaking in mediums of media), made me question if the things they are saying is actually true or not.Also the constant zoom in in interviewees faces when they stammer makes audience easily believe that these people were aware of what was going on before the recession.

I felt having Julia Gillard( France),Strauss Khan(IMF), Lee Heisng Loo(Singapore) and other international personalities made the points made by them reliable and fair whereas we questioned the reliability of the speakers from American origin as most of them showed low- confidence and were directly involved in the economic crisis.However, I believe having some more people from middle and low class group about their experience during recession and their reaction on the Wall Street Scandal would have made the documentary more appealing and convincing.

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  1. I like your post here and I’d like to include something I concluded from the documentary. There was either smiles, anger, or negativity in almost all of the interviews. There were no “neutral” interviews that revealed something important. All of the interviewees were almost sly. I just detected the sneakiness in the financial industry. But good post!

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