“Man Hating” Notes in Miss Representation

Okay, so I was honestly a bit offended when someone said that the plaque that said it’s not hard to work twice as hard as a man was said to be man hating. That’s not the meaning of that, or the feminist movement at all. What was being said is that men can accomplish much progress by doing the bare minimum. For women to accomplish the same recognition they have to do twice as much work. For instance, relate this to grades: both a man and a woman wrote a paper that was graded an A but the man wrote a B worthy paper. He didn’t try as hard but accomplished the same feat. It’s like playing a video game on easy. It’s the same game but not as much effort is required to succeed. Becoming so hyper-offended at a humorous saying is also really disturbing. Of all the misogyny present in the world, are men really so insecure that they can’t take a well-mannered joke? There were at least 20 times more offensive things said towards women and this was the comment that we chose to get offended about. Because that would totally throw off the whole world order if a woman was somehow legitimately acknowledged for her accomplishments and was gratified in being smarter, or at least more hard working, than a man.

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