Trailer of Battle of Algiers

I looked up the trailer to this movie to see the movie was portrayed and how it would possibly affect the viewers idea of the movie and what they are about to see. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trailer did a good job in showing the real message and point of the movie and definitely made it look like a movie I’d like to see. I wasn’t to happy about how much was showed just because I feel like it was giving away a little too much to the viewer. Other than that I have no criticism. The trailer uses the intense build up music we hear in the movie making us feel that sense of foreboding and anticipation. Almost all of the clips show the action and the explosions to show that it is an action packed movie and even showed clips of the women highlighting their importance in the film. It was also nice to see that every 30 seconds or so it would cut and state the awards and nominations the film earned. It even stated how it was banned in France and was played in the pentagon, which is definitely something that allures the viewer.  It was great to see the last thing played was a quote talking about the relevance of the film and how neither side is painted as the bad guy they are just painted as human. These are two of the biggest points that I noticed from the film which makes it a great thing to see it stated in the trailer. Viewers will definitely go in watching this movie with the right attitude and mindset.

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