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Thermal Energy Storage

This technology is still partially under development. The idea is that heat can be collected using some kind of collector and stored in a special medium for later. The technology is most often used on the large industrial scale. However, research shows that a 3 meter cubed block of concrete could be used as a medium to store enough heat for 50% of an average households night time heating needs.

in certain areas, the cold temperature of the night can be stored for air conditioning during the day. Then the radiation of the sun can produce heat that can be used for space heating at night

Storage mediums

Water: Has a very high thermal capacity but also evaporates at a very low temperature

Concrete or other stones: Hold heat only a third as well as water but can be heated up over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit to store heat.

Molten Salts: This is used in industrial settings. It has a 99% efficiency. It is so well insulated that it can hold usable heat for up to a week.


Integral collector storage

This technology involves collecting heat directly into a storage medium.



Authored by Sean Murphy

Edited By: Chris Castello

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