Student Leadership

Successful teams are successful because each player not only prepares his or her individual part but also inspires his or her teammates to continually prepare at levels higher than might otherwise be possible. This gives each team member a personal stake in the results.

The students who hold the following positions are tasked with leading the ensemble from within. These students need not be the best individual performers in the ensemble, but they should be able to lead by example, with regard to commitment and personal preparation.


1) President

The President will serve as the student leader of the Concert Band. He or she will be elected by the members of the concert band at the beginning of the fall semester, and serve for the remainder of their career at Lafayette. 

The primary functions of the President will be to:

a) advise the Director on repertoire, personnel, and other matters
b) set a strong example for the other members of the band in musicianship and commitment to the ensemble.
c) supervise the Principal Players
d) coordinate student participation in LCCB events, such as fundraising, concert promotion, recruitment of new members, etc.

2) Assistant Conductor

A student who has studied conducting for at least two semesters may be selected by the ensemble director to serve as an assistant conductor. The Assistant Conductor will prepare and perform at least one piece with LCCB during their term. The position may be renewed.

During the first two semesters of conducting study, the student may be appointed Assistant Conductor Designate if that student will assume the Assistant Conductor position during the following season. The Assistant Conductor Designate may be assigned other duties by the Director as needed.

3) Principals

The primary responsibility of principal players will be to lead sectional rehearsals when the Director is working with another section. Additionally, principal players may assign divided parts, solos, or full parts within his or her section as needed, and may do so on his or her authority in consultation with the Director. Finally, he or she will be asked to help the members of his or her section with technical questions (counting, fingerings, etc.) and provide a role model for less experienced players. Principals will also advise the Director on repertoire, personnel, and other issues.

These students should be advanced performers, and have played in LCCB for at least three semesters or have equivalent experience and leadership potential. The Director may re-appoint principals for the following concert season, but is not obligated to do so: a clearly superior incoming student may be given a principal position based on the quality of the audition.

In the case of a section having two very qualified players, the director may appoint an Associate Principal, who will assist the principal in organizing the section.

Principals who have extensive class conflicts or who are habitually late or unprepared for rehearsals may be replaced at the discretion of the director.

The following principal players will be appointed:

Flute I*
Flute II


Clarinet I*
Clarinet II
Clarinet III

Saxophone (usually this will be the first alto, but that is not necessary)


Trumpet I
Trumpet II

Low Brass (Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Double Bass)


*In sections with subdivisions, the section principal shall be the first player in the top section (i.e. Flute I). The principals of the divided sections should consult with the section principal on any issues that may arise.

Sectional Groupings / room assignments:

Flutes / Oboes [Piano Lab]

Clarinets [215]

Low reeds (Bassoons, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone) [128] 

Saxophones (Alto, Tenor) / Horns [Computer Lab]

Trumpets [108]

Low Brass (Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Double Bass) [123]

Percussion [123]

4) Librarian(s)

The Librarian(s) will be responsible for the distribution, collection, and cataloging of the LCCB Library. The Head Librarian will supervise one or two assistants in the duplication and production of parts of rental and commissioned pieces.