Successful teams are successful because each player not only prepares his or her individual part but also inspires his or her teammates to continually prepare at levels higher than might otherwise be possible. This gives each team member a personal stake in the results.

Students who hold leadership positions are tasked with leading the ensemble from within. These students need not be the best individual performers in the ensemble, but they should be able to lead by example, with regard to commitment and personal preparation.  This is a ‘bottom-up” leadership structure: individual players are accountable first to their principals; principals to the Assistant Conductor and LCCB President; those two to the conductor.

Leadership Positions

Section Principal

This person is responsible for organizing and leading sectional rehearsals, assigning parts or part rotations when appropriate, assisting less-experienced players with difficult parts, developing good morale and camaraderie within the section, and bringing issues to the attention of the Director. Normally Section Principals have been members of the ensemble for one or more years and have developed a strong reputation for hard work, commitment to the ensemble and section, and excellent performance skills. Once appointed Section Principal, that person stays in that position until graduation.

LCCB President

This person is nominated and elected by the membership of the ensemble. Once elected, the LCCB President stays in that position until graduation. The LCCB President may not also serve as Pep Band President, nor may the LCCB President serve as Assistant Conductor.

The LCCB President is the elected representative of the membership. In that role, this person is responsible for:

  • Developing and fostering good morale and esprit de corps within the ensemble through social events, conversations, and other means
  • Bringing matters of importance to the members of the ensemble to the attention of the Director
  • Advising the Director on matters of repertoire, personnel, and other matters
  • Supervising Section Principals and coordinating the scheduling of sectional rehearsals
  • Coordinating student participation in LCCB events such as fundraising, concert promotion, recruitment of new members, etc.

Assistant Conductor

A student who has studied conducting for at least two semesters may be selected by the Director to serve as Assistant Conductor. Once selected, the Assistant Conductor serves until graduation. During this time, the student continues to study conducting privately and will prepare at least one piece for performance with LCCB, leading all rehearsals for that performance.

In addition, the Assistant Conductor will lead or supervise sectional rehearsals with LCCB and coordinate with Section Principals on the repertoire and passages to be covered in those rehearsals. This person will also conduct the Pep Band and other ensembles as appropriate.

Further, this person will, in collaboration with the LCCB President, advise the Director on matters of repertoire, personnel, etc.