Concert Band Policies

I. Attendance

Attendance at all band functions by all members is necessary for the success of the ensemble. Each individual player is an invaluable and irreplaceable part of the whole, and if even one player is missing, the sound changes. The following attendance policy has been agreed upon by the ensemble directors of the Lafayette College Department of Music.


1) Unexcused Absences: For play rehearsals, study time, sorority/fraternity events, athletic events, meetings with professors, club events, etc.

2) Excused Absences: For illness, family emergencies, housing lottery, or academic conflicts that are approved in the first two weeks of the semester.

3) Tardy: Defined as missing between five and twenty minutes of rehearsal at any point (beginning, end, middle). Two tardies are treated as one absence.

REQUIRED ATTENDANCE: per semester (whether you are enrolled for credit or not).

— No more than one unexcused absence.

— No more than two excused absences (except in cases of long-term illness).

— Attendance is required for all dress rehearsals.

II. Concert Dress

For all concerts, women and men:

Black dress pants, shoes, socks; black long- (or past the shoulder for women) sleeved dress shirt. Men’s shirts should have either a traditional or mandarin collar; women’s blouses may be without collar, but must have a tasteful neckline. Women may wear skirts (or dresses which match these guidelines), but the length must be below the knee.

All (visible) jewelry (including piercings) should be tasteful, and should not be easily seen from the audience.

Perfumes and colognes should be used sparingly.

III. Grading

The grade for Concert Band will be determined by a combination of the factors below.

Attendance (see above. Any additional absences will result in the lowering of your grade by one-third letter).

Improving Musicianship (getting better, from wherever one starts, will be rewarded)

Preparation (being prepared for each rehearsal—practicing!)

Attitude (self-explanatory)

IV. Cell Phone/Electronic Devices

Cell phones may be used only if they are running tuner or metronome apps. Otherwise, they must be placed in airplane mode at the start of rehearsal or left in your locker, case, or hand bag. There is to be no texting, internet usage, recording, or other activity on phones, tablets, or computers during rehearsals without permission of the conductor. Violators will be dismissed from rehearsal.