Watch the Lafayette College Concert Band!

Ashley Kushner: Piled Sands Swirled Away (Fall 2020)


Pete Deshler: We Choose the Moon (Fall 2020)

Kirk O’Riordan: Body Doubles (Fall 2020)



Terry Riley: In C (Spring 2020)

This was recorded remotely while our campus was in remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eric Whitacre: October (Fall 2019)

Two Famous Arias with Eric Van Hoven (Fall 2019)

Gustav Holst: “Jupiter” from The Planets (Spring 2019)

Ashley Kushner ’19: Would I Have Broke This Happy Dream (Spring 2019)


Ralph Vaugh WIlliams: English Folk Song Suite (Spring 2019)

Frant Ticheli: An American Elegy (Spring 2019)